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Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle

"The Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle works to ensure a vibrant Jewish community that is connected locally, in Israel and worldwide."
Jewish Family Services "Jewish Family Service is the social service heart of our community, helping family, friends and neighbors navigate the everyday challenge of change."
Jewish Women's Archive Sharing stories, inspiring change. Documenting Jewish women's stories, elevating their voices, and inspiring them to be agents of change.
Greater Seattle Jewish Business Network "GSJBN is a network and resource for Jewish professionals in greater Seattle and Puget Sound. We provide an opportunity to share resources, tips and information, as well as to connect potential employees, employers and business opportunities."
Professional Directory to Jewish Washington The Professional Directory to Jewish Washington, the only directory networking professionals around the Sound with our vibrant local Jewish community.
Affordable Kosher Affordable Kosher foods, delivered to your door.
Dead Sea Scrolls Now the Dead Sea Scrolls can be seen in their original form all on line. "Hebrew is the most common language, though a small number of scrolls are written in Aramaic, and a few in Greek." The site features discussions about the scrolls and a summary of what each has to say. http://dss.collections.imj.org.il/
Hadassah Archives

Senior Archivist of UJA-NY Re: Hadassah Historical Materials announces newly digitized audio archives:http://digital.cjh.org/R/FL9L2QGNQI34Y78BEFA9H3VNBE3BGQ9YD8MQJNDQH9D63JSD3T-00573?func=collections-result&collection_id=1853  -links to the archives

Museum of Family History A Great Website to Visit!
Leah Hammer has recommended a virtual Jewish museum for all of us to visit. This website is free and it is extensive. The young man who has organized it continually adds new exhibits. In Leah's words, "It's educational, it's fun, it's amazing. I think you will be glad that you checked it out."
Go to:
Torah Monologues Melissa Carpenter presents a new kind of midrash.
Melissa will be presented a fantastic Torah Monologue at our April 24th, 2010 Shabbat service.